Heart in Chains

It was love she lived for
And love that ultimately took her life.
Everyone sees her as independent, confident, beautiful and bold.
She feels nothing more than insecurity, fear and longing.

For years you have been her love, her guy, her world.
A world that has now caved in.
Forgetting you hasn’t worked, erasing your memory is useless
And hating you is impossible…..So…now what?

To have and to hold will never happen,
For sickness and in health just an idea
And as for “till death do us part”…hmm…viable
Since death is always an option.
Others will come your way.

You’ll give them your time, energy, affection and
Everything I’ve spent nights crying and wishing you’d give me.
You didn’t think we would work
But did you ever really give us a chance?

I’d give up everything to have that with you but…
Too little, too late.
I’ve driven to the coast and before I sink into the ebony waters,
I’ll blow you a kiss for the very last time.

You had my heart once but knew deep down it was always yours for keeps.
Tonight after i’m gone will you breathe a sigh of relief
That your burden has finally disappeared?
Or, will you shudder thinking i’ll suddenly reappear?

It was the only way my love,
So here’s to you: my wet kisses from the deep.
One of these nights when you’re all alone,
Look for me at the bewitching hour for there I’ll be…

I’m coming back to you baby.
And this time, there’ll be no regret, no goodbyes, no doubt in your mind.
Don’t worry about not being able to forget me
You’ll be mine forever.

(c) 2017, Donna Philip All rights reserved

Author: Donna's Delirium

Expression in itself, is a language of its own. Here, I will share the inner trappings of mind on a host of subjects: love and relationships, magic and the occult, and my feelings in general about whatever fancy strikes me next. I do not exist in a bubble and have been shaped by experiences too numerous to mention. However, there are many people who feel utterly alone, as if what they're going through is exclusive to them. Take heart! Others have been there too and survived. So will you! Read, share and feel free to comment.

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