Beware of how you treat me,
Today may be my last day.
Your unhappy, little secret
May soon be going away.

She’s done everything she can to please you
Shows you her love and so much more.
But your list of concerns have no space for her,
And it hurts her to the core.

She knows that you do not love her.
Everything else in your life comes first.
But she happily accepts the scraps of your affection,
To fulfil an undying, emotional thirst.

One day soon she’ll be gone and you’ll move on.
At least, that’s what you believe.
But you’re just a pawn in her one man game,
Destined to find from her, no reprieve.

For you still don’t realize I’m encrypted in your heart,
And will forever have your body and mind.
Your thoughts are mine, your kisses just for me.
And you thought the power was thine…

It’s time you stopped fighting my love,
And accept that your destiny is with me.
I will never release you to another.
With this dark goddess, you will never be free.

Maybe I’m being selfish you say,
And should just give you back your free will?
But you too have toyed with my emotions.
Such acts gave you a powerful thrill.

Now you’re mine and there’s no escape.
I will love you till the end of time.
A pact in blood carved into the realms of infinite fire.
Your end is just our beginning.

(c) 2017, Donna Philip, All rights reserved.